1. Market Square Dance

2. Project TT-25

3. He Couldn’t Breathe

4. CEE’s Seed (Funding)

5. When Data Met Tomato

6. CEE Change

7. Tomatic Justice

8. Real Tomato Pace

9. Smart Food Is As Smart Phone Does

10. Ring The Bells That Still Can Ring

Epilogue: Heading Home




1. Market Square Dance

From the north wall of the St. Lawrence Seaway looking south towards one of many industrial sites along the way (at the 26km mark on my run).

From left to right: Gustavo Cardoso, Linda Oliveira, Leandro Santos, Lorraine Smith, Juliana Lopes and Carlos Ohde.

Original CNI Presentation (in Portuguese) — video available here:

B. Lorraine Smith

Writer/advisor encouraging the shift to a regenerative economy; based in Montréal, Canada; more at

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