A Modest Medium Day Proposal

Your feedback sincerely requested please + thank you

B. Lorraine Smith


Medium is hosting “a celebration of our community and human storytelling.” I’m asking for help to participate in an impactful way. (Image from their event banner, tweaked by me in PowerPoint).

I’m looking for feedback and I’m hoping you can help. Medium is hosting Medium Day on August 12, 2023 to celebrate community and human story telling. I love community and human story telling, so naturally I like this idea. I also appreciate how this advertising-free platform has helped me and so many others do our best reading and writing (as evidenced in my article footers*).

And so I am going to pitch being a speaker, to give a 15 minute presentation and time for discussion after, for a total of 30 minutes. As I’ve mentioned in recent weekly accountability Shorts, I’m in the midst of a speaker training journey so this feels like great timing.

I will submit this pitch before Friday, July 14. Below I describe my audience, what I plan to talk about, and my working title for the session.

Here are the questions I’m curious to hear your thoughts on:

  1. Would you be interested in hearing about this? Why or why not?
  2. Based on what you know of my work, is there something else you think I should present on instead/also?
  3. Any other feedback about the content I’m proposing?
  4. Anything I didn’t ask but you want to answer anyway?

I thank you profoundly in advance for any comments.

Who is my audience?

I would characterize my audience in three distinct yet interrelated ways:

First — or at least, those for whom my work is the most direct “fit” — are people who work in large companies (or their service providers, consultancies, and other supply chains actors) and who sense something is seriously amiss with mainstream corporate activity, including sustainability. That’s been my primary audience for a few years now, hence regular use of the term “environmental, social, and governance” or “ESG” which is prominent in these people’s work (and my past experience).

Second, I have noticed a different sort of people coming towards me lately. They are immersed in social change, and/or they see the climate challenge as broader than…



B. Lorraine Smith

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