You’ve noticed that sustainable business isn’t sustainable.

Despite great intentions and public declarations, you sense your employer is undermining instead of contributing to a better world — now what?

I guide people like you who are energized by the challenge and willing to stretch their thinking, to lean into their role in creating positive change.

All of my coaching, advising, research, and writing are done in service of my vision, which is an economy that serves life.

In 2021, I stopped working in mainstream sustainability and environmental, social, and governance (ESG). Now I tell the truth without the constraint of misguided ESG frameworks or truth-bending quarterly earnings.

Given the magnitude of shifting to an economy whose purpose is to serve life, it’s helpful that I’m an ultramarathoner. I was actually on day 5 of a 255km (158 mile) run when I realized what I needed to do.

I wrote about that life-changing run here on Medium, where I share evidence of a life-serving economy with dashes of other life adventures. I’ve organized those articles into lists. I also live in the Matereal World, a substack where I curate data and stories applying the lens of Matereality, a concept I developed by working out loud here on Medium.

I appreciate your readership as an independent writer. I open the doors to my content on my link farm spreadsheet in the hopes that all are free to take action towards an economy that serves life.

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B. Lorraine Smith

B. Lorraine Smith

Former sustainability consultant replacing ESG with reality-based insights about corporate purpose and impact.