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I am a corporate mischievist and generally curious student of life. I change minds (most often, my own), casting a dubious eye on the line between work and play.

I hold a vision of a future where all industry is a force for healing and any exceptions compost themselves into history.

I write about what I experience as I pursue my vision through work and play.

I have been working towards this vision with global companies since 2004, bringing together activists, executives and thought-leaders. I share what I find out as a I go, telling as much truth as I can figure out how to spell. (Or, in the case of Matereality, how to respell.)

Originally from Toronto, Canada, I spent a decade based in New York City and recently relocated to Montreal, all the better to explore the banks of the St. Lawrence River.

I run ultra-long distances on urban trails, I spin and knit my own original designs, and I hold doggedly to the belief that our senses of connectedness and curiosity are our best assets.

I hope you’ll follow, subscribe, become a member, and/or somehow walk alongside, sharing what you sense as we go.

You can also see more of what I'm up to, or contact me, here at https://www.blorrainesmith.com/

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B. Lorraine Smith

Recovering ESG "expert"; yarn spinner; distance runner; magical realist. Sensing a path to an economy serving life. also at https://blorrainesmith.substack.com/