Adan and Toninho: Decolonizing Regenerative Agriculture

B. Lorraine Smith
49 min readAug 13, 2021

What follows is a transcript of the above recorded dialogue featuring Adan Rodrigo Trolesi Pereira and Antonio (Toninho) Mates Pereira. This is part 2 of a 3-part speaker series piloted by the Global Regeneration CoLab in 2021. (Full YouTube playlist here.)

As Quilombolas in Brazil they have a unique experience. This approach to farming in relation to nature, their views on the history of their communities, and their good humour made for a lively conversation.

Fabricio Muriana (

How great to have this gathering here, both for those gathered and Amparo as well to know what this group is about that’s gathered here. So we’ll do a little round to introduce ourselves.

Adan and Toninho, welcome and thank you first of all for joining us, and you’ll notice a few people coming and going during our time.

Our idea just to give the name of people and where they are so you have an idea who’s here. And I know that Amparo only has another 14 minutes to be with us but in case afterwards you’d like to view this link, this will be recorded and shared on YouTube. Okay?

Amparo del Moral: Ah, okay good

Fabricio: Did you want to speak, Anna?

Amparo: At least I can rewatch it! [laughter]

Anna Denardin (

So I will introduce a bit about the GRC ( which is the group which is offering this discussion. But first I would like to open this event with several recognitions.

First I would like to recognize the Earth, to recognize this large living metabolism of which we are part, with all that is related.

And then to recognize that each of us probably lives each in our own part of this Earth and remembering that was very probably invaded, to not forget that we carry this mighty violence. This didn’t necessarily happen by our hands but that we are…



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