“But it has to make economic sense…”

Yes please! Here’s a quick reminder of what that means

B. Lorraine Smith
3 min readAug 28, 2022
A supermarket aisle with products to *look after the home*. Does this *make sense*? (Photo by me)

When I state my vision, I often get two reactions. First, laughter — a sort of nervous snort. Second, a reminder that things have to make economic sense.

My vision is a world where the entire economy is a force for healing, where all human needs and wants are met by a global industrial complex that serves life, as opposed to the current one where most life serves industry.

I respect those reactions, having received them often enough to know they’re coming from a deep well of honest perception. But I want to remind us what “economic sense” actually is, and to invite new, different reactions.

I call these #langclues — little breadcrumbs in the social technology we call language — left along the trail by those who came before, to guide us on our way.


The word origin of “economy” is a convergence of “oikos” meaning house or home, and “nemein” meaning manage or look after.

If changing industrial reality to better look after our home doesn’t make economic sense, I…



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