Day 2 Matereality Marathon

Productivity meets plant-based existential paradox

B. Lorraine Smith
6 min readNov 9, 2022
Video recap is here or read all about it below.

Hiya! Here we are at the end of day two of the Matereality Marathon (launched here), exploring global food company Danone’s role in the future we want by applying the Matereality methodology.

I’m going to describe this day as both productive and existentially paradoxical and I’ll explain a bit more of both of those things in a way that I hope is useful.

Here’s the video version of what is written below — probably easier to watch than read as a lot of this is explaining what’s on the screen.

Input coming, more welcomed

I’ve gotten some great questions and suggestions. If there’s ways I can make these recaps more useful since I am essentially just inventing a process I certainly welcome your feedback.

I’ll start with the productive part and then we’ll get to the paradox.

Production of interviews complete



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