Day 5 Matereality Marathon

Headed into overtime! (And happy about it.)

B. Lorraine Smith
2 min readNov 12, 2022
This slide may look busy, but if I get this thing right, any reader of the deck will be walked into this moment gently and understand what’s happening here — and why it matters. That’s why I’m giving myself the weekend to keep going and finish this up for Monday. Video recap is here and written out below.

Hello again! An unprecedented double-publishing day. Along with the regular Medium Short (because: Friday) I am keeping to my special-this-week-only accountability plan of updating progress on the Matereality Marathon (launched here), exploring global food company Danone through the lens of Matereality.

It’s getting exciting (for me at least) but I’m not done. In this super brief recap I explain why I think it’s worth leaning in: so I can deliver something to you all on Monday that is meaningful, maybe even useful on the trail towards an economy in service of life.

Here’s the video version of what is written below — probably easier to watch than read as a lot of this is explaining what’s on the screen.

And… looks like I’m going to have to update this with the writing update tomorrow — YouTube is taking a long time to render the transcript and my eyeballs are falling out of my head.

Edit to follow but I’ll publish now because I said I’d update you every day and…



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