Lor’s Prayer

Exploring direct dialogue with the Universe in the spirit of industrial healing

B. Lorraine Smith
3 min readAug 7, 2022


Sitting among my balcony garden on a warm Sunday morning, I asked the Universe for some help.

Several important guides in my life have been talking about the value of prayer. This is a big topic. For now I’ll just note: this is more about understanding my role than honouring a particular deity. Here is what came up for me (transcribed directly from my hand-written notebook) this morning, written below and voiced here.

May I continue on this path of believing humans are capable of serving our needs and looking after ourselves and one another in ways that also serve the living world around us.

May I encounter people in positions of industrial power and influence who are hungry for another way of being, whose hearts and minds I can help open up to the more interconnected, life-serving way of living their purpose, even if it means dissolving their company or walking away from material fortunes.

May I encounter people who can see past the constraints of the nation state, the market mechanisms, the profit paradigm, who can interpret a more life-affirming way into the new economy in ways that are visible, as the nectar of a flower is visible to a humming bird, as the shade of a tree is visible to the grazing animal or the overheated human, and may these people show me what they are doing, teach me in ways I can share and pass on to others as a way of making visible what these others were not able to see, but what they become ready to see because of me.

And may there be many others working in same way so that I can learn from them, too, and they can learn from me, and together we form a growing Army of the Good that cedes control to Nature — or, that acknowledges that Nature always had control and it was ours to simply end our struggles against this honest force.

May the evidence of industry as a force for healing mount and become increasingly visible all around us, offering those still caught in a paradigm of harm and struggle a vision and a path for what their whole being has been craving since the moment they were born.

And may I know which stones along the path to step on, which ones to pick up and examine more closely, and which ones to simply avoid as I carry on my way.



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