Medium Short: Catwalking

Not a cakewalk

B. Lorraine Smith
5 min readJun 16


I walk by this spot a lot. I love the artist’s invitation to sense the emotion expressed. (Photo by me in Montreal, June 2023)

Welcome to the latest Medium Short, a weekly accountability practice highlighting what I’m up to along the unmarked trail towards #IndustrialHealing. Reminder: all my Medium articles are linked for free here.

This past week was no cakewalk. I led a couple intense coaching calls. I stretched into week 3 of 14 in the speaker course which is pushing me hard. I waded into the yuck of my former industry. Joni got the hang of taking this human for a walk. And I processed two decades of paperwork ahead of a move in two weeks.

The two decades I’m processing span two marriages, several nations, numerous career moves, a lot of loss, learning, and love. With every pfft! of hand-shredded documents I feel old cells shedding and notice new ones forming.

I’ll delve into a bit of the processing beyond those files…

Sustainability Inc yuck rides again

This week I watched the suppression of dialogue on LinkedIn and was reminded why I stopped earning my keep in the spiritually draining universe of Sustainability Inc. The story is simple:

  • An article in a mainstream American business publication celebrates incrementalism in sustainability, a point made many times before which amounts to something like, “Yay, our ideas are ignored by even more senior people now!”
  • Several commenters (myself included) point out in a variety of ways that sustainability isn’t helping, and cannot help within the dysfunctional, inherently unsustainable economic paradigm, no matter the job titles.

After posting these comments, at least a couple of us have been blocked from the post. I can no longer see it. At least one comment has been taken down (not mine, I don’t think?). And those of us who are blocked cannot see feedback on our feedback. There will be no discussion on this, apparently.

Clear, open discussion in spray paint. (photo by me in Montreal June 2023)

If anyone wonders where my concerns are with the field, voilà. A staid (often well-paid) community that cannot acknowledge its lack of impact, much less its complicity, does not serve a higher vision…



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