Medium Short: Magical Reality

Is there any another?

B. Lorraine Smith
5 min readMay 26


The Montreal metro pulling into the station as I begin the trip to Ottawa this morning. (Photo by me, today)

Welcome to the latest Medium Short, a weekly accountability practice highlighting what I’m up to along the unmarked trail towards #IndustrialHealing. Reminder: all my Medium articles are linked for free here.

I found out this week that I might be a magical realist. Or rather, I discovered that there is such thing as “magical realism”. I always thought reality was magical, that it is up to us to lean towards the edges and bring the fairy dust closer in.

I am sometimes reminded that this isn’t how everyone else sees the world, that to some people magic is frivolous or even heresy while the real work carries on. But I believe the real work is magic. This past week I toggled between the nuts and bolts of regular reality (that keep getting missed, funnily enough) and hefty doses of the magical kind of reality.

As Deepak Chopra mentioned earlier this week, “Shakti, one might say, is the junction between what is possible and what actually happens.”

This sounds about right.

Regularly Reality / Its Nuts, Bolts

I spent time hanging out in the Matereal World again, lifting up another disclosure recommendation in “Show Me (All) The Money.

In it I beseech people responsible for communicating on behalf of companies to answer the question —

How do you make money? in honest, cohesive, plain language. Do not cherry pick highlights with insider-speak and euphemisms. Do not leave out vast swaths of your revenue story. Show us the whole financial pie and what it’s made of in a way the people you impact understand.

I describe how not to do it using dear old Brazilian meat giant, JBS as an example again. But to be fair I also randomly searched “award-winning ESG report” and the first one that came up was Swiss “industrial corporation” (their words, not mine) Georg Fischer. It’s not much better so I break that one down, too.



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