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B. Lorraine Smith


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Here comes a recap of the past week, including some housekeeping explaining future recaps of past weeks.

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But first, some first principles.

It seems obvious that we should be kind, look after our natural home, not cause harm to self and others. But this obviousness somehow gets lost when I say,

And the economy exists to enable us to do this.

When I state my purpose — to foster an economy that works in service of life — I get something like,

Well, that’s not really what the economy is for.

And then…

Oh. Wait a second.

When a person thinks about it for a moment, they see there is no good argument for an economy that doesn’t serve life. And then comes the next wave of pushback:

Okay, sure. Fine. But how would that even work? It doesn’t seem realistic.

And so here we are. Knowing full well it makes perfect sense. And confronting deep questions about what each of us does next because we have a far way to go before that life-serving economy is real.

That’s what I do for a living: I learn about what is needed for a life-affirming economy, and I share what I learn in the most effective ways I can figure out.

To that end, every Friday since June 2022 I have shared an update here on Medium, about what I’m seeing and doing along the trail towards an economy in service of life. Based on readers’ feedback (thank you!) I am bringing these updates into my newsletter — here — for easier access.

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