Medium Short: Squash Dangle Time

A week in which I get jostled and simplified

B. Lorraine Smith
4 min readSep 16, 2022


That is a squash dangling off of my fire escape “garden” (and also reflected in the window). I noticed it the other day as I came in through the back gate. I can relate: I feel a bit like I’m dangling. And squashed.

Welcome to the latest Medium Short, an accountability practice to keep me semi-tethered along the unmarked trail of industrial healing. Published weekly every Friday, I introduced the idea here.

I got jostled

I hit my head on Saturday and so I’m recovering from a minor concussion. I wasn’t even doing anything that interesting. I was getting into a car. Either a divine force lifted me by the collar, turned me around and hurled me against the roof of the car with great force, or I had a clumsy moment and smashed the back of my head.

I’m going with divine force.

Anyway, I’ve learned the following since the head bonk:

  • if you or someone close to you has ever had a concussion you know exactly what I mean about recovering and I don’t need to say more;
  • if you’ve never had one and you don’t know what I mean, this seems like a strange thing to mention and it doesn’t matter what else I say about it.

So enough about my head.

I wrote a piece on careers

My friend C was visiting for the triathlon here in Montreal last weekend. She crushed her first time out — she is an amazing human! In fact, she’s the best person I could have hoped to have around for the weekend’s jostling (my heart got jostled before my head, a story for another time perhaps).

Among the various lifey bits that life-time girlfriends are prone to discuss, we talked about careers which spawned this, “What do you do for a living?

I hope you or someone you know (who might be thinking about new/different work with more purpose) will find this helpful.

Help wanted, as it were.

I’m simplifying… Matereality

I got some feedback about the TD Matereality assessment. It was basically like, “This…



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