Medium Short: Unplugging From The Matrix

A week of living and learning to tell my story

B. Lorraine Smith
4 min readAug 11


On an evening walk I watched wading birds (video below) and considered unplugging as vocation, not vacation. (Photo by me, Lachine Rapids August 2023)

Welcome to the latest Medium Short, a weekly accountability practice highlighting what I’m up to along the unmarked trail to #IndustrialHealing.

I’ve been digging into what industrial healing will require, which really means digging into how industry got to be so harmful in the first place. Beyond the hand-wringing and sensationalized media, I aim to understand what possibilities exist for positive change. Tomorrow I will present at Medium Day — sharing what I’m finding out, even as the ink of this sojourner’s tale is nowhere near dry.

Here’s a bit of what all that meant this past week.

Stepping into another paradigm

It’s fun to talk about stepping into another paradigm, but it’s a bit tricky to actually do it. First, what does it even mean? Second, how to overcome the barriers, fears, unknowns? I don’t have “the answer” but I have some ideas from having stepped into another paradigm myself.

I shifted from an economy-serving life, to a life-serving economy.

That’s what I’m exploring at 2:30pm EDT at Medium Day on August 12 (tomorrow!!!), which I have been prepping for this week. Here’s a preview of my talk —

I also created a one-minute video that sums up the content and the vibe. (Side note: it cracks me up that you can’t change the thumbnails on YouTube shorts and it’s frozen me in a rather pained expression. I am actually having fun delivering this!):

Mollie Joe is no longer on the prowl



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