Medium Short: You, me and the Zeitgeist*

B. Lorraine Smith
3 min readJul 22, 2022
I barely knit a stitch this week amidst the decolonial sustainability course, the feedback on the climate denial piece, and TD Matereality. But I did manage to finish these socks using up odds and ends. I long ago abandoned the idea of “matching” socks—it’s totally unnecessary and cuts off our sightline on differences between things. They’re related (one’s toe leads to the other’s cuff) which is just about right, I reckon.

Welcome to the latest Medium Short, an accountability practice, to stay semi-tethered as I feel my way along the unmarked trail of industrial healing. Published weekly every Friday, I first introduced the idea here.

Oof. What a week! I’m in new terrain. Here’s what gives…

Look Southward, Angels

I’ve been humbled, informed and inspired as a guest coach in the inaugural cohort of Samantha Suppiah and Possible Future’s Intro to decolonial sustainability. The 2-hour global calls are Friday evenings and Sunday mornings for my time zone and I can’t think of anything I would rather be doing.

Any time I get stuck in the maze, I realize people of the Global South have been there/done that for centuries. Not that they have “the answer”, nor do they need people putting them in a glass jar for study. But listening, learning, and leaning into the wider swaths of truth that got missed on the first (27,486) pass(es) is proving essential.

Seeing the change? Sure. Also, being the change.

After I published “Why I Wish I’d Followed My Instincts As a Climate Denier” late last week, I was snowed under with feedback.

I am grateful. And I feel more determined than ever that we shift from seeing the problem to living the transformation. I offer ideas here (“Three Ways You Can Stop Corporate Climate Insanity”). And I ask myself every day: what does that mean for me?

NOT sticking it to the man, just suggesting total transformation

One of things it means for me is speaking truth, as elegantly and specifically as I can. Such as… what’s in the now final TD Matereality assessment. Woot! It took some doing to “follow the money”.

I feel proud of what I hatched, and am thankful for the brilliant stakeholders who let me interview them — including my mom!

This article has a few juicy quotes and details: “Does TD Bank Belong in the Future?” and I bundled it into a 5-minute video, too. If you know anyone working in sustainability (or the C-suite at TD Bank…) feel free to share.



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