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Regional Sundog Ambassador appointment

B. Lorraine Smith
3 min readMay 20


It’s a sign. (Photo: Min. Celestial Phenomena archives; used with permission)

It has recently* come to my attention through my work at the Ministry of Celestial Phenomena that many people do not know what a Sundog is, nor have they ever seen one.

Given all the funding constantly being sucked up by the Rainbow Division, not to mention the media hounds in the Eclipses, Comets, and Meteor Shower unit, I have put myself forward — and was honoured to be accepted — for the role of Regional Sundog Ambassador.

I’ll be working with my esteemed colleagues over in the Aurora Borealis Division to learn how they have so strategically handled decades of reputation building, to see what kind of forward plan we can come up with for Sundogs.

During our inaugural steering committee meeting one bright spark suggested that we commission Kermit the Frog to write a song with the lyrics, “Why aren’t there any… songs about sundogs…?” It all comes down to funding and politics and I am new at this game, so I didn’t commit to anything just yet.

For now I simply wanted to share this news about my career pivot, as well as some photos and a brief video clip of the amazing double sundog I saw on a run earlier today near the Lachine Canal.

Eat your heart out, Lunar Eclipse. Sundog was here.

* This announcement was originally published into relative obscurity on facebook in December 2021. However the recent admission by two intelligent, broad-minded individuals confessing a need to subtly google “sundog” when it come up during a meeting made me realize I have been failing in my ambassadorial duties.

Having being roundly dismissed from my post at the Ministry of Saudade (even though I explained very clearly it’s not my fault about the broken door to the magic tunnel) I figure the least I can do is up my work on behalf of the Sundogs.



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