Post Matereality Marathon Recap: Who won?

A brief regroup on what’s where and what now

I call slide #13 “the other money slide” as themes emerge from a life-like view of the business — as opposed to the more typical “summary” slide #6 which is the other kind of “money slide” (different currencies…).

Alright folks, it’s a wrap. Here’s the tail end of the Matereality Marathon (launched here), exploring global food company Danone through the lens of Matereality.

I confess it’s a bit peculiar “publishing” something that one has built in public. It’s not like I submitted it anywhere. It’s just…



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B. Lorraine Smith

B. Lorraine Smith


Recovering sustainability + ESG advisor; yarn spinner; distance runner. Sharing what I sense along the path towards an economy that serves life.