Sex, Religion, and Regeneration

B. Lorraine Smith
12 min readJul 17, 2020

A conversation with friends late last year keeps coming back to me. We were talking about the global youth climate strikes in which Greta Thunberg had emerged as a celebrity figure. My friend Chuck reflected, “People want her to be the next Messiah. But this is a time when we all need to be messianic.

Chuck’s comment brought into focus something that has been tugging on my mind for a while now: the relationship between the regenerative economy and the concept of religion. I realize this is a slippery slope — discussing religion in the context of business.

As if the slope weren’t slippery enough, for further lubrication I’ll add sex.

I’ll borrow an approach from my tenth grade sex education teacher: I’ll use a film. But instead of an over-simplified, sanitized script and preachy voiceover, I’m going to use the Quebecois film, Jésus de Montréal (Jesus of Montreal), to guide us.

I’m feeling awkward. Let me back up a step.

Religious Cluelessness

I majored in religious studies at university in the early 1990s. I chose this because I had noticed that ideas like “the Messiah” and religion more broadly were important to lots of people but I didn’t know what they meant. This seemed worthy of investigation.



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