Three ways you can stop corporate climate insanity

You see the madness, you’re not buying the endless growth narrative, and you want to help. Now what?

B. Lorraine Smith
9 min readJul 16, 2022


Passenger or protagonist, it’s going to be a wild ride. A good time to recognize, vocalize and transform.

This is no time for recycling and double-sided printing

If you read another sustainability report touting 25% emissions reductions by 2025 when you know what is needed was more than 100%, decades ago, along with a complete rethink of business’ relationship with the rest of the natural world that isn’t hyper-focused on carbon and is hyper-focused on supporting life, you will… [insert exploding head emoji here]. And let’s not even talk about waste reduction in the company’s operations. We can’t even.

I’m with you. I feel you. I feel your mind exploding at the realization that the corporate climate ambitions — maybe even the ones we’ve helped design — are a mystic paraphrasing of a mass suicide chant. It is existentially painful, and often paralyzing.

I can’t fix it. But I can offer three things any of us — all of us — can do to make it better. I’m not saying they’re easy, but they’re available.

First, a quick bit of context.

Sustainability agrees that sustainability is unsustainable

Normally I am an afternoon napper. My regular 15 minute snoozes energize me, help me shift gears, or simply give me fresh eyes for a piece of work that’s puzzling me.

But the other day, fighting a bit of a cold, my nap was not happening (na’appening?). The world was kind of vibrating all around me. Everything felt peculiar. I shifted to meditation. Still, a kind of mental jitteriness persisted.

So I wrote instead, setting aside my ambition to focus on the latest Matereality assessment and letting flow what was pushing up against my mind. What came out was this piece, “Why I Wish I’d Followed My Instincts As a Climate Denier”, which I wrote and published in under two hours, something I literally never do (I am nothing if not an over-egger — it’s taken me days to finalize this).

And then what followed was an unprecedented amount of traffic on my usually rather sleepy LinkedIn page and on the Medium



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