Tomato A, 2035

B. Lorraine Smith
51 min readApr 14, 2021
Artwork by B. Lorraine Smith

This is a rough draft of a story about events that take place in the year 2035, inspired by what’s already happening in 2021.

There’s a lot more I, B. Lorraine Smith, could say but I am probably not the best person to explain from my limited perspective.

I think it’s wiser if I let Bethany Edwards take it from here.


1. Market Square Dance

2. Project TT-25

3. He Couldn’t Breathe

4. CEE’s Seed (Funding)

5. When Data Met Tomato

6. CEE Change

7. Tomatic Justice

8. Real Tomato Pace

9. Smart Food Is As Smart Phone Does

10. Ring The Bells That Still Can Ring

Epilogue: Heading Home




1. Market Square Dance

I walked through the row of market stalls in Leopold Platz until I saw Ascención lording over her crates of tomatoes up ahead. She swayed with the rhythm of the place, swinging the plump red fruits into customers’ open bags, tapping her petite calloused fingers on the pay pad as buyers passed their wrist bands over the machine. With each quiet electronic chime, Ascención nodded with a smile and the tomato-laden customers were good to go.

The market was like a square dance, forming and reforming with each new pairing of buyers and sellers.

Another round took shape in front of me. A tall woman swept up her bag of tomatoes and moved on to the…

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