Which One Are You?

B. Lorraine Smith
7 min readMar 3, 2020
Original pencil drawing by yours truly. For a live action version, scroll down to the video link.

“Where do you think I can make the most positive difference in my work?” It’s a common question these days, growing in urgency.

I have more questions than answers in response when I get asked this. I recently found a memo to myself that I sketched out last year trying to answer this question in a shareable way, ever on the lookout for shortcuts. Then I got busy with other stuff. But I realized I was avoiding the very advice I sketched in the memo, so I’m taking another pass at it here.

The sketched idea went something like this:

To transition to a regenerative economy, one where we (humans and billions of non-humans with which we are interdependent) can thrive, three things need to happen. We need to …

1. remove that which currently undermines our ability to thrive;

2. create that which encourages the conditions for thriving;

3. cope with the transition.

These things are easy to write down, and in a few testing discussions I got ready nods and a sort of, “Well, of course!” But (also/of course) the transition being suggested here is no small thing. Accepting the scope of what needs doing yields a lot of Why not’s interspersed with a good dose of, Because they’s… But that can’t stop us from moving forward.



B. Lorraine Smith

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