Yes, please send me my starter pack

But I have a few questions first.

B. Lorraine Smith
7 min readMay 21, 2022


I hope #naturefuture* can have a picture like this on our website soon! This is from a leader in the sector.

Dear Samantha Suppiah,

Thank you for providing the opportunity to experience a “Plantation Sustainability Starter Pack”. This is exactly what the world has been waiting for! And since I am (I think?) in the world, I have been waiting in that line up with everyone else, patiently hoping something like the starter pack would appear so we could make headway on sustainable plantations in our corporate supply chains.

Honestly, it’s amazing that you have been able to bring this to market so soon. This bodes well for those companies, like the one where I work, with 2030 goals. And imagine how ahead of the game the 2050 goal crowd can be if they take this on board!

For context, I work for #naturefuture*, a company that sells a range of everyday products to the kinds of global customers in America and Europe (and some more affluent people in Brazil, South Africa and other countries) (oh also South Korea) who wish to nourish mind, body and soul. I am new to the company but their on-boarding process was great: it really emphasized their commitment to being a force for positive change, which is what prompted me to get in touch with you now.

My role at #naturefuture is a work-in-progress but they essentially hired me to—I’m quoting the recruitment agency here—“implement a strategic, cross-functional sustainability strategy that takes into consideration our stakeholders’ needs.” Along with offering them guidance on basic spelling and grammar (since I find the whole “proper name starting with a non-letter and then a lower case letter” thing seriously problematic) I hope to bring a sense of enthusiasm and purpose to the executive-led Sustainability Steering Committee (SSC), including the one board member assigned to this portfolio who also sits on the SSC. (You can pronounce that the “s-see” if you want, like “see” with a stutter. That’s how I say it, anyway.)

I was wondering though, if I could ask you some questions that you could maybe answer when you send the full pack and instructions along? I noticed that your starter pack company pays close attention to quality and detail so I feel confident that you will be able to help me with these questions.

  • So first, I am of…



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